20 March 2007

Off to Redlands

As mentioned in my prior post I am off to my first endeavor with a professional women's cycling team at the Redlands Classic. Our name is Team Bike Hugger/TRIA. A few ladies on our team, including myself will be blogging while we are down there. If you would like to read about our experience you can find it at http://team.bikehugger.com/

Daily results, stage profiles and team rosters can be found at cyclingnews.com

12 March 2007

Lander the Ski Bum

Here is some more video of Lander skiing on 3.2.2007. Things have been crazy lately with going to Disneyland, getting on a pro team going to Redland's Classic and breaking ground on the new house. More to come on all those, for now here's Lander doing the best skiing ever!!!

01 March 2007

Lander Loses His First Tooth

The toothfairy will be making a stop at our house tonight because Lander lost his first tooth tonight. He was eating dinner, or trying to at least, and I noticed that it was really lose and bleeding a little. He let me wiggle it a little and if fell out, he was so excited. The tooth next to it is lose as well, it will be coming out soon I am sure. I love the toothless grin!!! As Lander and I said prayers tonight he said "please bless that the toothfairy will bring me a coin that is enough like $10." I think that is a strong hint that any monetary amount that is less than the cost of a Lego set is unacceptable. Let's hope the toothfairy is wealthy.