30 July 2008

My Hubby ROCKS!

Wow, three posts in one day. That is a record for me. I just got back from the track and had to post this. I finally got Bryan to take the track class and he had a great time. I hope to have him racing out there soon. Here's the proof:

Lander wanting another podium shot (with his mom's bike). Could this be a sign of things to come?

I suck at taking videos, but this one of Bryan riding high on the track doesn't suck too bad.

Seriously, So Funny!

If you are not LDS and have never lived in Utah or more specifically Utah County (aka Happy Valley) then you probably won't get this, or even think it is funny. This has got to be the greatest blog known to man, mainly because it makes fun of all the girls that used to make me gag on a daily basis when I was at BYU. To make it worse, my friend Ryun would bring girls that would eventually turn into this on our bike trips to Moab. You can probably guess what I was thinking when we would stop on the edge of a 1,000 foot cliff to enjoy the view. I am a terrible, horrible person. On with the humor, check it. To really enjoy it, you need to go back and start with the first post. I laughed so hard I cried.

Ricco Suave

What a dork! Yeah, that was a huge suprise. NEXT!

22 July 2008

Utah-A Photoessay

We went to Utah the day after Six Day ended to spend time with the fam-damily on July 4th. Yes, I realize it's the end of July and I am just now posting this, but I have had some major issues since we got back which is what my next post is about. Until I bore you with my problems, enjoy some photos from our trip.

Stormy bugging Taffy

Stormy worn out after bugging Taffy

Stormy discovers the pool

Taffy wishing Stormy would GO AWAY!

On a ride in my old training grounds

Lander swimming with Bailey

View from the Squaw Peak climb

Still climbing, more views

Still climbing, view of Provo from the canyon

Lander blowing bubbles for Lucy

A very pooped puppy!

Stormy's odd sleeping position in his crate

Me on the MTB in American Fork canyon

Bryan on the MTB

Me wondering why I am doing a ride with a 12 mile climb

This is why, the scenery

The top of the Alpine Loop

Die, bubbles die. Stormy having fun with bubbles

Stormy figures out how to swim