15 November 2007

Jedi Master

I know it's way after Halloween, but I had to wait to get the digital files for these photos that were taken at the HP Fall Festival. Lander had so much fun posing in different Jedi positions, he really got into it.

14 November 2007

Honey, do you hear banjos?

About a month ago Bryan and I, armed with our GPS, went and did a little exploring on our mountain bikes in our new neighborhood (Washougal). We could have ridden the trails that we normally ride out here, but where would be the adventure in that? So, we found some roads and trails in Topo USA that looked interesting, downloaded them, and headed out for some dirt time. I can honestly say we ended up on a trail that I am pretty certain has never been biked on. In fact, it was really overgrown. There were a bunch of rocks covered by wet grass and leaves and it made riding really interesting. There was more than one time that I just hoped I took the best line and ended up with my front wheel sideways struggling to stay on the trail. It was FUN! The cool thing is that we found some cool streams and some pretty terrain. Here's the proof:

Bryan posing by a pine tree

The wash out I almost rode into. You can't tell, but it's about a 20 foot drop if you go off.

Some river we had to cross, of course I managed to get wet

The upper Washougal River

We found this critter sunning on our driveway when we got home. Lander and I had fun playing with it.

My Niece, She ROCKS!

I have often wondered why I have not been blessed with any sort of culinary talent. I was never good at cooking, I still suck. I actually took sewing in high school to avoid having to take a foods class. I think sewing was almost as big a disaster for me as foods would have been. I really don't know how I ended up getting married, I really have no marketable skills for the household, unless you happen to get lost in the wilderness, then I can help. Okay, way off my intended subject. So, naturally I am extremely proud, and a little envious of my niece Cassidy. This was her high school foods class competition:

Pretty impressive huh? Yeah, she won! I would have cried if I were her competition.

She also designed and made this cake for a Utah bridal magazine:

And then helped with this one:

She is truly amazing. I wish I had an ounce of her talent.

The Lazy Person, Yeah That's ME!

Some people are so lazy they don't post on their blog for over a month. Oh wait, that is myself I am talking about. I really don't have any real good excuse, just lazy. I promise, promise to post something new (not that anyone really cares), but I do have a bunch of cool pictures so maybe a photoessay is in store.